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Introverts are difficult people to read. They’re often empathetic, good-hearted people who are always there to listen but say few words themselves. Because of that, trying to decipher whether an introvert likes you or not sometimes feels like you’re solving a riddle. Their quietness can be mistaken for disinterest but there’s so much going on in their minds, it’s a good idea to be aware of the signs that they’re interested in you!

If you’re trying to figure out what an introvert thinks of you, check out these 10 tips to find out if an introvert likes you!

Make sure to stick around until number 10, because it’s one of the most amazing tips to find out if an introvert likes you that we’ve ever seen!

Number 1: They seem polite and sincere toward you.

Extroverts can be polite and sincere as well, however, their flirting styles typically are typically more playful and physical. They might be more inclined to give you a piggyback ride or put an arm around your shoulder after inviting you to the movies with their friends as a way to show their affection.

Introverts are much more subtle than their extroverted counterparts. They frequently use a “polite” or “sincere” flirting style. 

These two flirting styles are so subtle that it’s difficult to tell if the person you’re interested in is flirting at all. Both are often confused for simple platonic or respectful conversation, but being aware of them will help you decipher if an introvert in your life is interested in more than friendship.

The Sincere flirting style is slightly more obvious to identify as flirting. It’s shown by taking a sincere interest in someone’s personality. They won’t waste time with surface-level small talk, like discussing the weather. They’ll comment on the rock band whose shirt you’re wearing or ask your opinion on a new procedure at work. If they’re making an effort to have a meaningful conversation with you, it’s a sign they are flirting with you.

The Polite flirting style is the most challenging style to distinguish. It is shown by acting formally, using their manners, and asking questions to keep the conversation going. Introverts don’t like being the center of attention, so it’s natural that as a way to get on your radar, they’d do so by keeping the spotlight on you and acting politely. 

If you notice an introvert is acting similarly to one of these two flirting styles, it might be a great sign that they like you!

Number 2: They find excuses to talk to you.

Introverts are not naturally social people. When given the option, they’ll often choose to spend their time alone, even in areas where others are around. 

If they’re in class, they might choose to work on an assignment alone rather than in a group. At work, during their lunch breaks, more often than not they might spend it going for a walk alone or sitting in their cubicle rather than the staffroom. 

They also don’t like asking for help from others, so it’s easy to go a long time without interacting with an introvert unless they make the effort.

It’s not that they don’t like people, introverts simply get recharged from time spent alone rather than with others. 

So, if you notice an introverted person keeps finding mundane reasons to talk to you, it could be a sign that they like you! They’re using their precious alone time to be with you, so it’s a good sign. Even something like asking for help in sending an email or saying “good morning” at the beginning of a class’s lecture is a big sign.

You can watch this article if you prefer watching instead.

Number 3: They reach out to you online or through text but not as much in person.

Because introverts spend so much time alone with their thoughts, they prefer to think through what they want to say before saying it.

It’s much easier for them to have the freedom to write, then delete, then rewrite their thoughts as many times as they want before anyone else sees them. Plus, they get to communicate while still enjoying the luxury of being alone.

That’s why they often prefer flirting and communicating over messages over talking face-to-face. If you notice that an introvert in your life who is quiet around you while you’re around, but begins to contact you through social media or text, it’s a good sign they’re trying to flirt with you! If you’re interested, make sure not to leave them on “read” or they might not get the courage to reach out again!

Number 4: They remember small details about you.

Introverts pay special attention to details when speaking to someone they like. 

If you casually mentioned once that you really like horror movies, an introvert might approach you weeks later, recommending a new horror film they watched if they like you. Or, if you say that your favorite coffee is vanilla lattes, they might even surprise you with one in the morning. 

If you notice that an introvert remembers small details about you that other people seem to forget, they might like you!

Number 5: Their behavior changes around you.

A good sign that an introvert likes you is by paying attention to their behaviors when you’re around them. Even if you’re not talking to them, if an introvert is interested in you, simply being in the same room as them might change their behavior. 

It’s common for them to pay attention to you, especially if a friendship is already developed. They might even seem more relaxed and talkative in your company. 

But if they’re still shy around you, you might notice them sneaking glances across the room or becoming clumsy. 

If you approach them, they might even appear quiet and nervous, or uninterested. It’s easy to interpret this as them not liking you if they appear to not want to talk to you. However, the change in behavior is the important thing to focus on. 

If an introvert’s behavior changes when you’re around, it’s likely that they like you.

Number 6: They invite you to spend time with them. 

Introverts love their sacred alone time. So if they invite you to do something with them, especially if it’s something that can be done alone, they really enjoy your company. Whether it’s something casual, like asking you if you’d like to join them on their trip to the grocery store, or if they invite you over to watch a movie, it’s a big deal to them. 

Introverts select who they share their personal time with carefully so if they choose to spend it with you, it’s a sign that they like you!

Number 7: They spend time giving you thoughtful advice.

Introverts are natural listeners who don’t love talking about themselves, however, they don’t always like to share their opinions or step out of line by offering feedback when it’s not requested. 

However, if an introvert ever takes the time to offer you well-thought-out, genuine, feedback on something in your life, it shows that they care about you and your well-being. Even if you don’t like the feedback, as sometimes introverts can be blunt or too honest, if they made a point to give you advice, they probably like you.

Number 8: They begin to share details about themselves like their interests, values, or beliefs.

Like we mentioned before, introverts are fantastic listeners but very private people. Often, they’ll spend hours with someone, absorbing everyone else’s conversations without sharing much about themselves. 

If they begin to open about deeper subjects like their values, beliefs, or interests, it’s a sign that they’re becoming comfortable around you. 

They’re choosing to share those details about themselves with you so that you can get to know them more. They might even begin to lose their filter a bit, showing more sarcasm or a different, more relaxed side of themselves around you. If you notice this happening, chances are the introvert likes you.

Number 9: They invite you to their favorite spaces. 

Getting invited to an introvert’s favorite space is a huge honor. It shows that they’re lowering their boundaries around you, showing you a side of them that only a select few get to share with them. 

It can be their home or bedroom, or it can even be a library, a park, or a restaurant they regularly visit. So long as it’s a place that’s important to them, letting you inside shows that they want you to be a part of that place, even if just for a visit. 

When you enter a space that an introvert identifies with, you’ll learn a lot about them that they might not share through their words. Pay attention to the books on their bookshelf or the ambiance of their favorite cafe. Introverts are very particular people and their favorite environments can show a lot about their character.

Number 10: They show their vulnerabilities.

This is the most important tip in determining if an introvert likes you. 

While introverts are very selective in letting outside people into their personal, physical spaces, they’re even more guarded when it comes to letting you inside emotionally. 

If an introvert begins to share intimate, personal details about themselves about their past or present fears, it means that they trust you. It isn’t natural for introverts to open up and be vulnerable with people, so if they do, it means that you’re very special to them. 

Take note of how vulnerable they are around you compared to others. If you notice the introvert is less guarded around you, they probably like you!

We hope these tips helped you find out whether or not an introvert likes you! 

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